Nepali Anonymous hacker reveals his identity after 3 years

Anonymous, we all can sense this term, right? The freewheeling internet hacktivists having no any sorts of rules, a rabble-rousing group involved in performing various sorts of hacking including Election, network, various sorts of websites and are even said to enter through bank systems as well ! Peoples involved in such activities are referred as ‘Hacktivists‘ or ‘Hackers‘. That sounds cheesy, right? But it’s actually true that Anonymous are a way special than we consider. Let’s see how Wikipedia defines anonymous as !
According To Wikipedia:

 Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. A website nominally associated with the group describes it as “an Internet gathering” with “a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives”.

 Peoples involved in such tasks or actions mostly follow the ‘Principles of Anonymity‘. Actually, anonymity refers to the term describing about the situation where Person’s identity is unknown. Not even any sort of information about that person !
Anonymity isn’t only limited in big countries with many peoples, but also in small and poor countries. One of them is a country named ‘Nepal‘. It’s a poor country lying in South Asia with mild facilities regarding the technology and it’s manipulating system. Despite it’s mild performance in tech related fields, many peoples are Familiar with anonymous, and few ones are following the term ‘Anonymity‘ as well ! One of them is ‘Nischal Khanal‘, who identity remained unknown from the virtual world for  years.
Nischal Khanal is a 16 year old student, currently performing in grade 11 with various sorts of skills, whose popularity went milestone after he revealed himself on December 31, 2016 by taking conclusion from Anonymous life in the virtual world. He’s a Student, Blogger, Web and Graphics Designer and majorly, AN ACTIVE WEB HACKER, following the principles of Anonymity! Actually, during the time of his identity reveal, which he performed in Facebook, he describes everything about who he actually is, making us easier to know about him.
Description written by Nischal Khanal during Face reveal :

 I’m Nischal Khanal, a 16 year old Student(Currently Reading in class 11) residing in Chitwan, Blogger, Web and Graphics Designer, Freelancer, a sort of Web Hacker and enthusiastic in Pentesting, Designing and Programming !
I know, most of you guys are shocked seeing me since most of you guys thought me as 18+ in age! As I was following Principles of anonymity, I couldn’t expose my age to you guys.
The journey of anonymous started when I was in class 8. My YouTube account (with 2.3K subscribers) was terminated by YouTube Community in case of violating their rules since I shared contents related to hacking.
Then, I thought of doing something different than others. I used to peform web hacking as well via small easy exploits. So I needed to hide myself as well. I was highly inspired by the term ‘anonymous’. Then, I went on analyzing it in depth ! Feeling of protest started to rise in my mind. Hence, I cloned myself as anonymous and went on hacking websites.
Social engineering was my main weapon in order to interact with peoples. Well, social engineering refers to the technique or art of human hacking. In Nepali – सोशल इन्जिनियरिङ भनेको आफ्नो विभिन्न कलाहरुबाट अरुलाइ आफुले साचो र सहि कुरा गरेको हो भनेर बिश्वास दिलाउने !
With the passage of time, via social engineering, I started gaining maturity in small age as well ! Via social engineering, I came to know various sorts of bitter sort of things which can’t be expressed. I came to know what life actually refers to. वास्तविक जिवनको पीडा, मिहिनेत, भबिस्यको चिन्ताको बारेमा गहिरो जानकारी लिन थाले मैले! +2 Level पछिको जिवनमा आउने ठूलो चुनौतीको बारेमा पनि मैले अनुसन्धान गरे र अहिलेको उमेरमा थाहा नपाउनुपर्ने विभिन्न तितो रहस्यसंग सामना गरे.
MENS ROOM (RELOADED) नामक नेपालको सबैभन्दा ठूलो ग्रुपमा म ९ कक्षा अध्ययन गर्दा भर्ती भएको थिए। त्यस ठुलो पनि थुप्रै कुराहरुबारे थाहा पाए। मेरो Maturity बढाउन त्यस ग्रुपले ठूलो भुमिका खेल्यो!
The main reason for me to be anonymous was to hide myself in web hacking but I wasn’t sensing that time, that a small initiation would lead me upto here. Talking about hacking, in total I’ve hacked 112 websites. I’d joined various sorts of hacking teams which also helped me in order to gain knowledge in web hacking but my main teacher was Google and YouTube. I’d never hacked Nepalese sites. My main target was Indian sites. Many web developers, whose sites I’d hacked threatened me but couldn’t do anything. The first site that I’d hacked was caliber-etraining*.com and the last one was swapnapurti*.in . I had took part in various operation global world including Indian-Pak Cyber war, BackOffIndia protest against Blockade on our country and various sorts of things. And I’ve taken oath that I won’t be performing any kind of web hacking.
I know that I may be inspiration for some peoples or many peoples may criticize my work. But I just want to say that friendship from you guys means a lot to me. You guys are my pathways leading me towards various sorts of things.
Lastly, I just want to say sorry for everyone, because I made you guys wait to see me for a long long period of time. Many guys, who were older than me used to say me ‘Dai’ as they used to think I was older than them. दाजुहरु, मैले Anonymous भएका कारणले गर्दा हजुरहरुलाइ आफ्नो उमेर खोल्न मिलेको थिएन, I just want to say sorry to them.
Thank you for taking your time to read these words!
Bye Bye Anonymity!
PS : Maturity Comes Out With Experience Rather than Age (PROVED)

And we all can sense that, most of the people who actually didn’t know him in real life but just knew him in virtual world, were all shocked. The reactions were all shocking !
Here are some of the screenshots taken during his face reveal :

Anonymous Face Reveal
Comments during identity reveal

Comments during identity Reveal

As we can see, many peoples were actually inspired by his works and his skills in such a young age !
He became a perfect example of ‘Maturity comes with experience, not age‘. Not only in hacking sector, he taught all of us a lesson in order to be forward in every sectors, because we do have capabilities in order to do every sorts of work. If we have will to perform certain task, we surely can gain success in it. We do believe that he does well in his future too, since his skills makes us believe that he has a bright future !
Connect with him on Facebook :

Anonymous Face Reveal
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