Google Adsense – Best Way To Earn Money Online

As we already know Adsense is a free program run by google, it is a simple way to monetize your
site. Like other sites, it displays ads on the publishers site and when ever a visitor of publisher site clicks on the ads on that site google adsense pays that site revenue. Adsense ads can be shown on YouTube as well which has more potential in earning than from websites.
According to Wikipedia,

Google Adsense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. These adverts are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

But google adsense has been able to remain in the first position in the advertising networks. Why? Why every one applies for adsense primarily? Why is that adsense has come to be some popular? I know that you all might be facing such queries. Thus today, topic is google adsense. You will be getting your answers to the queries in this post;

  • Advertising In Adsense;

Adsense is a free Monetization programme which ranks first in the PPC (Pay Per Click) company powered by google. Google uses another programme called Adwords as an advertising method. It is due to the only Adwords that supports the foundation of Google. Regarding google as a trustful friend, many people advertise their sites using Adwords. The same advertising is shown by adsense in our blogs. Thus adsense is only for publishers whereas adwords is only for advertisers.

  • Most Strict And Polite Company;

As we all know that adsense is a publishing programme and people get money by revenue, so it has it’s own rules. The policy created by adsense can be read  during the application of form. It would be a very surprising fact that adsense has the most strict rules and policies. No, other company’s policy dare to stand against that of adsense.
More over the acceptance and deletion of any account either that 1 century old or 1 day, can be deleted by adsense if it founds a single error. So i warn your friends click your ads a single time and you will be bidding bye to adsense. But it is not the only thing.
But adsense can be polite at the same time. It has the highest revenue share among all companies. More over the ads it provides is related to the content. So, the ads always matches. Every year on the birthday of adsense it gifts bonuses to it’s members. Thus we can conclude that adsense is strict but can be polite at the same time.

  • Highest Paying Company;

As mentioned before, due to the presence of strict rules the advertisers become more lured and always advertise their site with Adwords. Because they know that adsense is strict and even their single money won’t go wastage.
This way advertisers get new clients, where as the income of google go on increasing at a rapid pace and also that of it’s whole team i.e. adsense,google employs,etc. Thus whole the google related area ultimately develops their earning amount.

  • Most Revalent And Targeted Ads;

The ads appearing on our blogs by adsense is always matching our content. For eg: if my blog is of math then the ads would be of maths related section. This way our blog and ads do not mismatch and we can get much more clicks from our visitors.
But I have seen some programs which always displays ads of some nonsense things that remains same throughout the life and never changes. I meant they changes ever hardly. Even if we enter the correct category, the ads of are different. But for adsense it is completely different. It doesn’t prompt to mention any category or section. Instead it scans the content and serves the ads similar to it.

  • More Flexible And Simpler;

Adsense provides it’s users with a more flexible and simpler interface. We can get tons of ad types to show in our blog. More over when there are no ads also we can show them by using an alternate site. This is the specialty of adsense. This system can be rarely be seen on other sites.
To sum up in a nutshell, Adsense is a great program that support several people their living. In fact it has been a boon for people to make their dream turn into reality. It has also helped and supported me to live a living I had always dreamt of. So, I personally want to thank Adsense for this.