Got some real interesting thing on the office of PMO Deuba.

Prime minister Of Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba  had came in a public controversial issue before couple of months back about his unusual behavior on sajha sawal  with a audience who raised quaitonaries about the educational qualification of Prime minister’s of Nepal. Once again another photo revealed of the front office of the prime minister Deuba Rare photo of Narendra Modi found to be hanging on the back corner right after his desk. This photo shocked the whole media persons. Later on after some investigations it was found to be Photoshopped and made fool to every people including you. Thank You.

Guy from Nepal challenges kim Jong and Donald Trump.

After the controversial tweet from the president Trump, Kim is still silent with no reply. But according to the inside agendas another guy from Nepal challenges both the most powerful people of the world by sending message via calculator to the North Korean Hero Kim Jung. That message shocked Kim and immediately he copied all the content from calculator to his cell and forward it to president Trump. Later after few days US Government flash those text messages and shocked the whole world. ‘Sathi ko lagi yo haat salaaam ho, dushman haru ko lagi yo haat falaam ho’ – Translation into English is ‘Yes for friends, No for Morons’ were the powerful texts and After this Nepalese people are claiming and being 100% sure that SHREE 5 RAJESH HAMAL SHAH DEV was the guy who send those texts but its still a secret untill he reveals it.

Biratnagar Man Claims That The Moon Turned Blood Red Yesterday Because he Spit Bhola On It

The lunar eclipse also called the blue moon or super moon was celebrated around the world yesterday. But in Nepal one man has his own theories and explanations behind it. He believe it turned red due to his continuous spitting of Bhola towards the moon.

19 year old Aashish Jha claims to have spat more than 7469 bholas in the night sky claiming his bhola spit has turned the moon red and that this is his creations and should be credited for it. But in all honesty in a world where anything is possible it is unfair for us to rule out this possibility too.

However truth be told Aashish Jha was on rehabilitation center and has been seen over dosing on Bhola couple of times. Hence believing his story is quite risky. We urge all our viewers eat bhola at home or at school. Stay safe and remember believing your bhola are more important than real scientific logic

Kathmandu Man Arrested For Killing His Bestfriend Because He Stopped Tagging Him In Memes

As we progress through 2018, new events take place as we speak. One such horrendous event took place, where a man named Anish  stabbed his best friend Aashish 6 times. Yes, 6 times!

On being questioned, Anish claimed that the sole purpose of doing this terrific act was to convey a message to the world and all the best friends out there that one should never forget to tag in memes. It’s not just a funny image to laugh on, it’s a religion of its own, he added.

Quite a thinking he’s got there. However, Kathmandu police has put him under bars for the next 169 years so I guess we’re all safe!

Chitwan Man Arrested For Killing Friend Because He Choose Messi Over Ronaldo

The Messi–Ronaldo rivalry is an association football rivalry between fans of Argentine forward Lionel Messi and Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo and supposedly between the athletes themselves. But this rivalry between Aayush and Anish stepped up couple of notches when short tempered Aayush kicked Anish in the groin area wearing his football stud.

Aayush who is a 21 year old civil engineering student and Anish who is a 20 year old, also a civil engineering student and an old friend to aayush. The two alleged got into an argument while playing football when Aayush yelled to Anish “Suck Ronaldo’s Muji”, to which Anish responded “at least Ronaldo has one unlike Messi”. The two then came really close and stared into each other eyes when Aayush silently whispered “Messi is better than Ronaldo”. To which Anish got enraged and kicked Aayush in the groin Area hard.

Aayush immediately fell to the ground in pain breathing heavily. His last words were only heard by Anish which were “At least Messi has big dudh muji”. Anish is currently going to serve 69 years in prison for his short tempered action, and something that he claims happened in the spur of the moment.

But coming down to brass tacks who is better, Messi or Ronaldo?

Terai Man Arrested For Selling His Wife So That He Could Buy More Bhola

Nepal is a land of diverse cultures and ethnicities, and one such group are the Butwal from Terai. They are known for their delicious Pan Masala’s like Bhola, Pukar, Gutka and also their love for Pan Masala’s. One such Terai man is Ankit Mishra who in his love and craving for Bhola sold his wife.

Ankit Mishra, 22, from Butwal came home one day to find that his wife had cooked him chicken. Enraged, he threw the plate and demanded Bhola. To which his wife response “Bhola khanu hudaina”. Devastated on hearing this, the man decided to sell his wife on under the category name furniture, for which he demanded 2 lakhs, equivalent to 10,000 packet of bhola.

Few days later she was sold and Ankit bought 10,000 packet in wholesale. Devastated after buying it he realised he can’t eat alone, so decided to steal his wife back, for which he was charged for robbery.

Ankit is now charged for stealing as well as selling his wife and will serve 69 years in prison. Hence it is very important to realise never get too obsessed or addicted to anything, especially a drug like bhola.