Best Nepali Music Bands of All Time

Musics can be said as the mixture of vocals and instrumentals combined in such a way that it produces harmonic, sequential expression of emotions. Various music bands exists on the earth. No matter whether it’s Led Zeppelin, Beatles or Metallica, everyone loves the overwhelming soul that music has produced for listeners.
Regarding the music statistics of Nepal, we can say Nepalese bands are equally talented as the English and other European bands. There are many Nepalese bands which remain underground, but their music is still praised by the general public. Hence, here are some best Nepalese music bands of all time. We are including bands disregarding the music genre, whether it’s rock n’ roll, heavy metal or folk !

5. CobWeb

Cobweb is a Nepali rock band, considered to be one of the biggest influencing Nepalese bands of all time. The band that was established by Nilesh Joshi, Dibesh Mulmi, Urdip Joshi, Mahesh Nakarmi, and Pawan Shakya invited one more member, Siddhartha Dhakwa, in 1998 and produced hit rock albums like “Cobweb”, “Rolling Strings”, “Mercedes Benz”, “Rock n’ Roll” and “Swing”. The credit of popularity of rock music in Nepal goes to Cobweb. And after decades of formation they are still rocking Nepal!

4. Antim Grahan

Antim Grahan is a blackened death metal band from Kathmandu, Nepal with melodic/symphonic black metal outfit, but als incorporating influences from death metal riffs. The band is recognized in the underground community as a prime example of brutality, technicality, dedication and evolution. Antim Grahan has became the first band of Nepal to be recognized internationally with an international record label and release.
CHECK THEIR COVER OF “Hallowed Be Thy Name” from “Iron Maiden”:

3. The Edge

The Edge is a Nepali rock band with wide vocal range from Jeevan Gurung and soothing guitars from Som and Sanjeeb. Edge was nominated at the 9th Tuborg Annual Image Awards in the category of Rock Vocal Performance. Although it was only confined to nominations, The Edge has come out of age to demonstrate their ability to deliver beyond anyone’s expectation. Currently, the band is working on the new materials. They are often seen playing live around town and in their own oxygen lounge bar in Lakeside, Pokhara. 

2. Nepathya

Nepathya is a folk rock band formed in 1990s by 3 students, which eventually led them to create one of the best Nepali bands of all time. Nepathya is best known for blending folk melodies with modern western-influenced rock music. Nepathya has enjoyed both commercial and critical success. Nepathya is the only band of Nepal to perform at Wembly Arena, UK in 2013, with more than 8000 audiences, mostly Nepalese from European Nations. The Wembly performance is considered to be the biggest ever performance by a Nepalese rock band.


  • Underside (Heavy Metal)

  • Albatross (Alternative Rock)

  • The Axe (Rock)

  • Mantra (Hard Rock)

1. 1974 A.D 

1974 A.D is a Nepali Rock Band, formed in Early 1990s, considered to be the most popular band in the history of Nepalese music. They are the most diverse bands ever, with genres ranging from Nepali folk, ragas, heavy metal, rock, funk, blues and jazz as well. Their albums are one of the widely sold albums in Nepal, and are considered to be the most successful music band in Nepal. In 2000, their concert, ‘Rock Yatra,’ was watched by more than 60,000 people, the largest attendance for a concert in Nepal. 
Did we miss something? What’s your favorite Nepali band. Be sure to comment your reviews and recommendations ! Thank you