Top 10 Highest Paid Actors Nepalese Actors | 2017-18

With the craze of audiences in Nepalese movie industry, we can analyze that Nepalese film industry has progressed a lot comparing to the past days with the advancement in movie structure, story lines, improvement in acting, better choreography as well as high investments ! With those things in consideration, the payment of actors should also be taken into consideration. With the critical analysis and comparison of payment of actors with the time and their performance, we can sense that earnings by the actors has been actually boosted ! Hence, this post covers a topic of “TOP 10 HIGHEST PAID NEPALESE ACTORS” with their latest earning statistics.  

NOTE : We are only including Nepalese Male actors ! Stay tuned to read the coverage of Highest paid Nepalese actresses in the future 


With the success of debut movie “Hostel Returns” where Hussain played the role of Rameshwor Yadav that made him famous overnight through his overwhelming acting and role, Nazir Hussain comes in this list as 10th highest paid actor. And with the success of later movies like Bir Bikram, Gaatho and Junge, he is widely recognized as one of the most talented actors in Nepal.

PAYMENT : 3 to 5 Lakhs Per Movie

9. Kameshwor Chaurasiya

Kameshwor Chaurasiya is known for his comedy role in hit Nepali movies Resham Filili, Lal Purja and Fateko jutta along with various cameo appearance in many noticeable movies. His acting skills praiseworthy appearance in movies are critically acclaimed.

PAYMENT : 3 to 4 Lakhs Per Movie

8. Bipin Karki

The most versatile actor of Nepal, Bipin Karki, mostly known as “Bhasme Don” has acted in numerous superhit Nepali movies including Pashupati Prasad, Loot 1 & 2, Chadke, Jatra, Tandav and so on. He has wide range of acting variation. Sometimes he can be seen as a deadly antagonist, and sometimes as a straight lead actor. 

PAYMENT : 5 to 6 Lakhs Per Movie

7. Jiwan Luitel

Winning the title of Mr. Nepal back in 2002, Jiwan Luitel has worked in more than 65 Nepali movies, winning 5 film awards in a single year, along with best youth National Award in a single year. He has acted in commercially success movies, making him one of the highest paid Nepalese actors of current time.

PAYMENT : 6 to 7 Lakhs Per Movie

6. Rajesh Hamal

Commonly known as “Maha Nayak” by public, Rajesh Hamal is considered to be the greatest Nepali actor of all time ! Acting in over 100 movies, Rajesh Hamal has obtained 86 film awards as well as 101 nominations. He is currently serving as Goodwill Ambassador for the Building Back Right initiative to promote reconstruction after the April 25 earthquake that is safe, environmentally sustainable, culturally appropriate and free of rights violations such as child and bonded labour.

PAYMENT : 6 to 7 Lakhs Per Movie

5. Aryan Sigdel

Aryan Sigdel is a professional Nepali actor known for his wide range of acting and portrayal of roles. With honourable roles in movies like Mahasush, November Rain, Nai Nabhannu la 3, Classic and so on, Aryan Sigdel is publicly acclaimed, with a huge fan base and praisers. 

PAYMENT : 7 to 8 Lakhs Per Movie 

4. Saugat Malla

Saugat Malla, known for his famous portrayal of “Haku Kale” in the movie “Loot” is one of the most versatile actors of Nepal. He earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of an thief in Loot, a lover in Kabaddi Kabaddi and as a thief in Loot 2. Most of Malla’s films are not commercial successes, but his highest-grossing films include Loot, Shree 5 Ambare, Loot 2, Lappan Chhappan and Fateko Jutta. 

PAYMENT : 8 To 9 Lakhs Per Movie

3. Dayahang Rai

Dayahang Rai is one of the most respected actors of Nepal, with his wide range of portrayals and acting capabilities. He has found success in the films various films including Dasdhunga , Loot, Chhadke, Jholey, Kabaddi and its sequel Kabaddi Kabaddi, Talakjung vs Tulke, Lappan Chhappan and so on.

PAYMENT : 9 to 11 Lakhs Per Movie

2. Nikhil Upreti

Nikhil Upreti, widely recognized for a moment in his movie “Pinjada” where he jumped from a 7 storied building, is a professional Nepali actor and stuntmen. He has acted in more than 110 movies including Nepalese, Bhojpuri and Hindi movies too !

PAYMENT : 13 Lakhs Per Movie

1. Anmol KC

Anmol KC, debuted in 2013 in romantic comedy movie “Hostel” is an actor who is considered to be the highest paid actor in Nepalese Film Industry. He has starred in 4 movies, with all of them being commercially success. His acting skills were publicly criticized, since they were seen more of simple mode. But with the upcoming movie Kri, along with the change in body structure of Anmol, the expectations of the movie and his acting skills are high.

PAYMENT : 20 Lakhs Per Movie

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