Chitwan Man Arrested For Killing Friend Because He Choose Messi Over Ronaldo

The Messi–Ronaldo rivalry is an association football rivalry between fans of Argentine forward Lionel Messi and Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo and supposedly between the athletes themselves. But this rivalry between Aayush and Anish stepped up couple of notches when short tempered Aayush kicked Anish in the groin area wearing his football stud.

Aayush who is a 21 year old civil engineering student and Anish who is a 20 year old, also a civil engineering student and an old friend to aayush. The two alleged got into an argument while playing football when Aayush yelled to Anish “Suck Ronaldo’s Muji”, to which Anish responded “at least Ronaldo has one unlike Messi”. The two then came really close and stared into each other eyes when Aayush silently whispered “Messi is better than Ronaldo”. To which Anish got enraged and kicked Aayush in the groin Area hard.

Aayush immediately fell to the ground in pain breathing heavily. His last words were only heard by Anish which were “At least Messi has big dudh muji”. Anish is currently going to serve 69 years in prison for his short tempered action, and something that he claims happened in the spur of the moment.

But coming down to brass tacks who is better, Messi or Ronaldo?

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