Class 10th Student Asked To Write Essay On “My Favorite Teacher” – Writes About Johnny Sins, Gets Sus…


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One of the most celebrated and decorated personalities from abroad in Nepal is a man who we all know about and watch, some of us watch on a daily basis, is a bald headed man known as Johnny sins. A male pornstar. Every porn ever usually has some role play and some amount of acting and if you can’t make out the difference you are like Sulav Bhandari a class 10th School student who mistook Johnny Sins for being a teacher and wrote an essay about his teaching, who got suspended for the same.


Notorious student Sulav Bhandari of Pokhara, wrote an essay on his favourite teacher and dedicated it to Johnny sins. He wrote and we quote “jonny jonny yes papa, eating cum aah aah aahhhh”. He also wrote “students are like dirt and muck, and as a punishment need to fuck”.



The essay is 2000 word essay and too profane to be posted on social media. Sulav Bhandari is currently suspended for his action and his internet connection has been banned for 69 years. His parents say “Nalayak ho yo, Ncell ko slow net bata,facebook lite chalun parne saley, English movies herera bigriyo”.

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