Guy from Nepal challenges kim Jong and Donald Trump.

After the controversial tweet from the president Trump, Kim is still silent with no reply. But according to the inside agendas another guy from Nepal challenges both the most powerful people of the world by sending message via calculator to the North Korean Hero Kim Jung. That message shocked Kim and immediately he copied all the content from calculator to his cell and forward it to president Trump. Later after few days US Government flash those text messages and shocked the whole world. ‘Sathi ko lagi yo haat salaaam ho, dushman haru ko lagi yo haat falaam ho’ – Translation into English is ‘Yes for friends, No for Morons’ were the powerful texts and After this Nepalese people are claiming and being 100% sure that SHREE 5 RAJESH HAMAL SHAH DEV was the guy who send those texts but its still a secret untill he reveals it.

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