राजेश हमालसँग सेल्फी लिन हतियार सहित भारतीय प्रहरीको लडाइ


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During popular Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal’s visit to India, the actor got surrounded by and other locals. Indian Police seem to get crazy over and took selfie with him even while being on duty.

The Nepalese premiere, who will also be accompanied by Ministers, Parliamentarians and Government officials. Sources said that some Nepali celebs also will be accompanied by PM.

Sources confirmed, none other than Mr. Rajesh Hamal will be on board of PM’s visit. Name of others artist have not been conformed yet, however PM office making final draft for it by Monday evening.

According to Nepali embassy in New Delhi, during his India visit, PM will meet with some Indian artist and will talk about mutual benefit. PM wants that Indian movie makers need to shoot at Nepal and ultimately, it will boost the tourism.

This is the first time in Nepali political history that PM has accompanied with movie fraternity on his state visit. According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hamal and DC will hold the meeting with some Indian artist on Saturday evening with dinner.

He says :

Thank you Rt Honorable Prime Minister KP Oli and the Nepalese Government for trusting my capabilities and giving me this opportunity to accompany the Prime Minister and his team on the state visit to India 2018.

It is a privilege more than a pleasure for me and Rajesh Hamal to represent the Nepalese Movie And Media Fraternity in this state visit.

Last week, PM Oli had assured to Nepali movie makers that he will keep some movie makers on his visiting board. Before fly to India, Mr. hamal said to MM that between Nepal and India, cultural aspect is more important than political.

Important is that, Hamal had started his glamour journey from India as ramp model once. ‘We will emphasize the value of culture and its essence during meeting’ Hamal informed.

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