Terai Man Arrested For Selling His Wife So That He Could Buy More Bhola

Nepal is a land of diverse cultures and ethnicities, and one such group are the Butwal from Terai. They are known for their delicious Pan Masala’s like Bhola, Pukar, Gutka and also their love for Pan Masala’s. One such Terai man is Ankit Mishra who in his love and craving for Bhola sold his wife.

Ankit Mishra, 22, from Butwal came home one day to find that his wife had cooked him chicken. Enraged, he threw the plate and demanded Bhola. To which his wife response “Bhola khanu hudaina”. Devastated on hearing this, the man decided to sell his wife on hamrobazar.com under the category name furniture, for which he demanded 2 lakhs, equivalent to 10,000 packet of bhola.

Few days later she was sold and Ankit bought 10,000 packet in wholesale. Devastated after buying it he realised he can’t eat alone, so decided to steal his wife back, for which he was charged for robbery.

Ankit is now charged for stealing as well as selling his wife and will serve 69 years in prison. Hence it is very important to realise never get too obsessed or addicted to anything, especially a drug like bhola.

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