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Nepal is a very small yet extremely beautiful country in Asia. There are a lot of different places that a person can visit on their trip to Nepal, and one of them is Chitwan. Surrounded by the forests, Chitwan in the traditional language means ‘in the heart of the forest’. The Chitwan district is one of the biggest in the country and is the home to the largest flora and fauna. The place is a heaven for the nature lovers and the people who want to explore the real culture of Nepal. If you are visiting Nepal and are looking for 15 best things to do in Chitwan, read this complete article. Here we have noted down the 15 best things to do in Chitwan that will make your vacation in this beautiful location worth the time. All of these locations are family friendly, so you can even visit the city with your kids. So, wait no more and start exploring.

1. Go for The Jungle Walk and Elephant Safari at The Chitwan National Park

The biggest attraction in Chitwan is the Chitwan National Park, and the elephants are one of the most commonly found creatures. You can take a jungle safari and spot animals such as tigers, one-horned rhinos and much more. In addition to this, the tourists can also go for an elephant safari in which you travel a part of the jungle on the elephant’s back. This is one of the best experiences you will have in Chitwan.

2. Visit the Bish Hajar Tall

The Bish Hajar Tall is a lake situated in the outskirts of Chitwan. Spend a day by the lake, enjoying the beauty of nature. A lake is also a place where you will be able to see a lot of migratory birds. You can also pack a picnic and stay there for as long as you want because the entry is absolutely free.

3. Know All About the Elephants at The Elephant Breeding Center

The Elephant Breeding Center is the main center in Nepal where the state runs special programs to breed the local species of the Elephants to save them from endangerment. You will find many tiny elephants and their mothers.

4. Be Mesmerized by The Beauty of Lamo Jharana

Jharna in the local language is called waterfalls. So, take a trip to the Lamo Jharna and enjoy the day by the water stream. The waterfall is located in dense forest so there are chances that you might have to get there on foot. However, once you reach the destination, we assure you that the trip will be worth a while. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

5. Ride A Canoe at Rapti River
Rapti river

The Rapti River is one of the biggest rivers in Nepal and also one of the deepest. You can get a canoe ride here and enjoy the scenery while on the boat. You can either choose to operate the canoe yourself or take a trip with the professionals who charge you a small fee to take you from one location to another on the canoe.

6. Explore the Area on An Ox Cart
Ox Cart is the way locals travel in Chitwan villages.

If you want to take a tour of the villages in the Chitwan area, an Ox cart is your best option. The OX cart driver will also take you through the most remote localities and show you the all the places where people indulge in local handicraft and art. This is one unique experience; you will never forget.

7. Ditch the Transport and Cycle Through Chitwan

The best way to explore Chitwan is through a bicycle. Most of the area of Chitwan is a forest, and you can take your bike and ride it into the forest and enjoy yourself in the laps of nature. Make sure you wear enough protections and let someone know of your whereabouts in case you end up in an accident. You can rent your bike from local shops at really low prices.

8. Pray at The Devghat Dham

Devghat Dham is a holy place for all the Hindus in Nepal. This place gets flooded with followers during the festivals or auspicious days. The devotees usually take a bath or a dip in the Holy waters that is said to cure all their diseases and problems. The Devghat Dham is the perfect place for you to get to know the religious culture of Nepal and their practices. If you are lucky, you might even get to witness the morning and evening prayers, which are also a big affair.

9. Trek Up the Chitwan Chapang Hill Trail

The Chitwan Chapang Hill trail is one of the most visited hill trails in the area. Wear your comfortable shoes and take a walk-through nature because this hill trail should not be missed. As you trek through the trail, you will find a lot of different birds and animals. Take a local tour guide with you, and they will help you understand the geography of the land and the kind of trees and animals that reside here. This is a perfect trip for the nature lovers.

10. Be Mesmerized by The Scenery at The Upardghari Fort

Known as the old headquarters of Chitwan, Upardghari Fort is one of the most visited locations here. This is one of the oldest forts that were built in the 17th century. The fort is located at the top of the hill, and you will be able to see the entire Chitwan National Park area from the top of the fort. Apart from the scenery, you will also be amazed by the architecture of this fort. The fort was made by Satrubhajan Shah who was the ruler of Nepal.

11. Don’t Miss Out on The Elephant Games

Since Tharu has a lot of Elephant population and the people do anything and everything to save their elephants, each year you will find a lot of elephant games taking place in the area. These games include elephant football and much more. There are also many other elephant activities that are enjoyed by both the locals and the tourists. You and your family can have an up close and personal experience with the elephants. Do not worry, these elephants are trained and are no threat to anyone.

12. Indulge in Bird Watching

The Chitwan National Park area is the bird watcher’s paradise. Every year numerous b=migratory birds come here. You can sit there all day and bird watch. We are sure that you will be able to find some of the rarest species of birds and click pictures of them. There are a lot of resorts built in the National Park area that provide cottages for the bird watchers. So, book one and spend your day bird watching and enjoying the beauty of nature.

13. Have A Cultural Experience with The Tharu People

Tharu people are the locals of Chitwan. If you want to have the best cultural experience on your trip, make sure that you indulge in some traditional activities. Tharu dance is a beautiful dance that is a must see. Additionally, you can go around the town and see the people and their traditions. The people of Chitwan are very accommodating and will be more than happy to tell you about the local culture and might even give you a tour. Hiring a local guide is also a good idea.

14. Taste the Famous Nepali Food
what to eat in Chitwan

The food in Nepal is prepared with traditional spices and is very delicious. Try the spicy fried goat which is called Taas in Nepal. You can eat it with bhuja or Chura that I available in the restaurants across the cu=city. The Tharu Food also include momos, Newa cuisine and Dal Bhat which is rice and lentil curry. The meat and dairy are consumed in huge quantities, and you will not be disappointed by the variety of the dishes you can eat here. However, keep in mind that all of the food is high in spices so if you are intolerant to spices, ask them to lower down the quantity for you.

15. Be A Part of The Chitwan Mahotsav

The Chitwan Mahotsav is celebrated every year with all the pomp and show. If you happen to be in the area during this Mahotsav, do not forget to participate in it. You will see all kinds of traditional activities such as the folk dances and you can even buy a lot of native goods from the numerous stalls that are put up by the natives.

Add these 15 best things to do in Chitwan to your itinerary when planning a trip to the city. Also, make sure that you befriend the locals and try to explore the city their way. Do not forget to shop for the traditional handicraft items at the local markets. Nepal has a humid climate in the summers, so make sure you check the climate conditions before making your bookings. Also, explore the nature to the fullest in addition to these 15 best things to do in Chitwan. So, wait no more and pack your luggage because Chitwan awaits your arrival.

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